iOS OPEN MENU S-Removal Tool (Existing/New User) - Credit Recharge


S-Removal Tool (Existing/New User) - Credit Recharge - iOS OPEN MENU TOOL

S-Removal Tool (Existing/New User) - Credit Recharge

Minimum recharge 6 USD 

1- Remove SIM Card
2- Make sure the device must be able to turn Game Center off / on without asking for the password.
3- Connect the device to PC and click on "Register" button
4- Setup Proxy Server (Don't forget to enable Trust Cert)
5- Go to Settings -> Game Center -> Scroll Down and Sign Out
   5a- Turn Game Center ON -> Click Continue
   5b- After the Game Center profile appears, Turn Wi-Fi OFF and wait 3 seconds
6- Click "Remove FMI" button on the tool
7- Your device is successfully Unlocked. before make clean restore/erase the device, please Check FMI status again.



Delivery time: 0-1 min

Minimum quantity: 1

Maximum quantity: 10000

Service type: Server

Submit to verify allowed: No

Cancellation allowed: No

Order processing: API