SMD GSM/MEID bypass with signal iPads Before 2017


Instructions : Connect to SMD tool first before register SN

icloud bypass ios12 - ios15.x  ipads 

- iPad5,1 iPad Mini 4 (Wifi)

- iPad5,2 iPad Mini 4 (Cellular)

- iPad5,3  iPad Air 2 (Wifi)

- iPad5,4 iPad Air 2 (Cellular)

- iPad6,7 iPad Pro 12.9-inch (WiFi)

- iPad6,8 iPad Pro 12.9-inch (Cellular)

- iPad6,11 iPad 5 (WiFi)

- iPad6,12 iPad 5 (Cellular) (0x8000)

- iPad6,12 iPad 5 (Cellular) (0x8003)

1. Jailbreak with checkra1n for iOS12- 15 or use tool to Jailbreak with iOS15 ( hello screen only)
2. Connect to wifi and go to the activation page with icloud login/ password 
 3. Connect to SMD
 4. Verify the ability to bypass the “Your device is supported” message (mandatory)
 5. Copy SN and register into device field
 6. Open SMD and Choose checkboxes if you wish
 7. Press Activate 

Need to do strictly with these steps !!
You can’t register into the database before you connect the device to SMD Tool for verification. 


The device must be restored to in Hello mode

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