SMD GSM/MEID bypass for ip7/7plus Test Promo Price


You can only register SN after verifying compatibility with SMD TOOL.

Download SMD TOOL:

1. Jailbreak
 2. Connect to wifi and go to activation lock page with login/ password
 3. Connect to SMD TOOL
 4. Verify ability of bypass “Your device is supported” message
 5. Copy SN and register your device now 
 6. Choose checkboxes you wish
 7. Press Activate

Bugs and fix SMD errors

 1. Application can’t be opened  
Open terminal , enter command xattr -cr
Drag and drop application , Enter.
Now it will be open as usual

 2. Your device supported only by NO SIGNAL
Connect to wifi and go to activation page with login/ password,❗️only after Connect to SMD and check again . If the same message appears - check with other soft like checkm8 / iremove . If No signal still - this iPhone is not supported.

 3. Failed to activate
Typically After previous bypass, restore baseband with free soft like ibypasser and erase. Jailbreak , Connect wifi, go to activation page with Login/Password and try again.

 4. Can’t add in database
You can’t add SN in data base before device will be checked by SMD. To prevent user’s mistakes and minimize refunds requests


Delivery time: Instant

Bulk orders allowed: No

Order type: Serial number

Service type: Server

Submit to verify allowed: No

Cancellation allowed: No

Order processing: API