Open Menu By Proxy 2024 iCloud Remove & iPhones XR, XS.XS MAX HFZ Team (by UDID)


Open Menu By Proxy 2024 iCloud Remove & iPhones  XR, XS.XS MAX HFZ Team (by UDID)

( GAME CENTER MUST TURN ON-OFF-ON ) iOS 17.3.x and lower ( iOS17.4 and up now work )

 UDID Registration 

Fast Simple Proxy Unlock


-Open Menu Only(Have Access to Device Settings)

-Device must in trust list

-All Models iPhone/iPads and latest iOS 17 and lower iOS

-iCloud Storage Must Load

-Game Center can turn on & off easily without asking iCloud Password

Not supported:

-Already Bypassed Device

-Storage Not Showing/Loading

-Game Center can't turn on or off (Asking password)

-Owner Password already changed

-Hello Screen Activation

If Your device satisfies the above-supported condition for the open menu then you can proceed further

1)Check iCloud status with HFZ Open Menu iCloud Checker 1.0 Tool

2)Register Your Device UDID in the Server (copy it from 3uTools)

3)Then Go to settings then Wi-FI, & disconnect the WiFi press the (i) scroll down & press Configure Proxy & select Manual

4)Then Add the following Proxy & port

Server: : 2080

Then,save it go back & connect with the same wifi or press on Join This Network

5)Open Safari & enter the following URL proxy/port address and search it

6)It will Open Fiddler Root Page,Now Press on Fiddler Root certificate and allow it

7)Next Go Back to Settings Then General,Scroll Down & Go to VPN & Device Management,Press under downloaded profile and Install It

8)Next Again go to General Then press on about & scroll down & select Certificate Trust Settings and enable & turn on the Fiddler Root Certificate then select continue

9)Now Go back To Apple ID & select iCloud then on the list select Game Center & turn it on&off 5 Times and side by side keep checking your Serial/IMEI FMI ON/OFF Status from any Checker,Once it shows FMI OFF,Then iCloud Unlock Done

10)IMPORTANT: After FMI OFF, Turn On Airplane Mode & Open 3uTools Select Quick Flash Mode, Flash it on the Latest iOS or iTunes Full Restore in Dfu Mode (Don't use any Old ICloud Backup on the Device Just restore first )

Enjoy Permanent Unlock Done 



Delivery time: 0-10 min

Bulk orders allowed: No

Order type: Custom

Service type: Server

Submit to verify allowed: No

Cancellation allowed: No

Order processing: API