LPro T2 MDM SN Change Method ( mdm permanente removal )


PERMANENT MDM REMOVAL - MDM T2 Permanent Remove by LPRO T2 SN Changer - Full Potential On T2 Mac MDM REGISTER ECID FROM THE APP LPRO T2 SN DOWNLOAD https://mega.nz/folder/7V9VhLYA#YPG3VF7K1e0toLHfMRwSEg/file/3RtWEIgK Instructions:1. Download And Install Tool bit.ly/legitunlocks 2. Open Tool 3. DFU the locked mac and Connect to the Mac with Tool Installed 4. Click Check SN 5. Check SN if FMM is OFF. If Not OFF don't proceed. T2 MDM Removal works only on Macs with FMM Off and MDM ON. Register your ECID Now 6. DFU Mac Again 7. Click Change Serial On tool 8. Click Generate Serial & Click Save Serial 9. Wait Success 10. Power on the mac to recovery - Reinstall macos and Activate with Internet.



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