HFZ IOS 15 Hello Bypass iCloud iOS 15 IPAD PRO2 12.9(Without Network) [ NO NEED DCSD Cable {MAC}


HFZ IOS 15 Hello Bypass iCloud iOS 15 IPAD PRO2 12.9 (Without Network) [
NO NEED DCSD Cable {Without Jailbreak}


NO NEED DCSD Cable  {Without Jailbreak}

Download HFZ
ecid registration - copy ecid from hfz tool 

HFZ Activator premium ramdisk 

Cloud bypass iOS 15 / 16  (checkm8)

How to fix no usb serial in purple pro :

Step 1: open HFZ and click on serial check in normal mode. copy that SERIAL

Step 2: click on Without DCSD Option for A10/11 only 

Step 3 : click on Purple Pro ( hfz will close automatically if not close manually)

Step:4 : open purple pro from desktop, now open Checkra1n patch only put device in dfu mode form that and put in purple mode from tool.

Step: 5 after purple mode done click on edit cfg.

Step 6 select usb serial port from list also refresh if not show,.

Step 7 click connect then read syscfg.

Step 8: change serial from step 1 and write/save. now all done reboot the device and follow video instructions after that :



Alternative Method More Success.

Step 1/2/3 same.

Step 4 : Download this magic cfg 1.3 latest.


-Enter Dfu via checkra1n patch

-Open magic cfg 1.3

-Click enter DiagsMode in top right corner

-Enter purple mode there and then connect read and it will show. 

-An usb 100% show
- Now put your device in DFU again and press BOOT and SSH check

- Final Step just press iOS15 Hello 

Register ecid 



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