HFZ ACTIVATOR PASSCODE IPhone 7/7+ IOS 11 Until 16) Passcode Full bypass Meid/GSM without JailBreak (Windows Tool)


HFZ ACTIVATOR PASSCODE IPhone 7 and 7plus (IOS 11 Until  15) Passcode Full bypass Meid/GSM without JailBreak(Windows Tool)

For passcode:

1º steps:

Run the tool HFZ Ramdisk ACTIVATOR

Put the device in DFU mode and use dfu mode help on the tool to put in DFU

Press boot and wait for the process, wait for success popup message  

Run the ssh button and wait for success ssh 

Now backup activation 

2º Steps 

Boot Again and erase your device 

wait for full erase device, now will go to the hello screen, and from there

put in recovery mode and then put in DFU mode 
boot and ssh one more time 

Now restore backup / activate 

ALL Done 



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