NEW HFZ ACTIVATOR Bypass Macbook T2 iBridge v8.x or lower Tethered Bypass (MAC software)


NEW HFZ ACTIVATOR  Bypass Macbook T2  iBridge v8.x or lower Tethered Bypass (MAC software)

Steps to Bypass T2  ( 7.4 - 8.2 iBridge OS )   ( UPDATED POST ) 

1. Restore to the latest 8.x BridgeOS / and Contact Admin to Register ECID. (copy ecid from tool)

2. Open HFZ 2.1 T2 tool > Click on Patch iCloud T2 > after you see ( Mac successfully activated! ) messages, Press OK

3. Force close HFZ T2 tool > Connect locked mac again in DFU mode > Press Boot T2 > wait for    ( your mac should boot up now when press the power button)    message.

4. Press power button > PUT mac into recovery mode FAST (CMD + OPTION + R)  

4. Connect Wi-Fi (once connected might take a while to enter language/ recovery screen, wait patiently) from macOS Utilities > select Disk Utility > select mac SSD > press Erase > press done > close the window (you will come back to macOS Utilities)

5. Press Reinstall macOS > continue > continue > agree > and select your SSD > install > continue. (wait until mac OS install done)

6. Once mac in home screen install a OTA blocker to avoid mac updates.


Note: this is Tethered bypass, 

Restart its ok (via desktop) 

Shutdown its ok (via desktop)

No Restore X

No Update X

Battery dead X ( if happen u need restart with hfz app )

> Via desktop only means, you must always use mac settings to shutdown or restart otherwise ( if you use the power button to do force shutdown ) mac will get locked and you have to re-bypass. 

>  Battery Dead not supported means, if the battery ran out of juice ( to 0% ) you have to re-bypass ( you can save mac's data when you do re-bypass, please follow T2 after care )

WHAT IF you have NO SSH CONNECTION ERROR when pressing on tool ?

~ Give your personal mac a quick restart and the issue will be fixed, if the issue is same you must use a different cable also make sure you update your mac. 


WHAT IF your mac stuck on gray screen once install OS done?

Follow the given process to fix it,

1. Force mac into DFU mode

2. Open HFZ T2 2.1 tool > press boot T2

( If the issue is the same, press boot T2 several times. Eventually, the issue will be fixed on the 3rd or 4th attempt )

( Remember, you do not have to reinstall Mac OS again to proceed )


AFTERCARE (FOR T2 bypass) 

WHAT IF you did force shutdown / restart or mac battery went completly dead ?

Follow the given process.

1. Connect mac in DFU

2. Open HFZ T2 2.1 tool > press boot T2


Support: on telegram 

Compatible with,

> iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, 2020)

> iMac Pro

> Mac Pro (2019)

> Mac Pro (Rack, 2019)

> Mac mini (2018)

> MacBook Pro (A1190, A1989)   2018;

> MacBook Pro (A1990) 2018;

> MacBook Pro (A1989, A1190, A2159, A2141)    2019;

> MacBook Pro (A2251, A2289)   2020;

> MacBook Air (A1932) 2018;

> MacBook Air (A1932) 2019;

> MacBook Air (A1932) 2020;

Free Re-Bypass in case you have restored Mac and ecid registered.

Download tool hfz 
HFZActivatorT2 v2.x Installer.pkg

No refunds for:
wrong ECID
if you do not read Full instructions 



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